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Eyes – 1 pack (3 Pair)


Eyes by ToGoSpa the ultimate under eye treat!

Perfect for Anyone With A Face!

Hydrate, Nourish, Soothe and Moisturize your under eyes leaving them refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Product Description

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Refreshing Ice Water EYES –The Original “PERFECT FOR ANYONE WITH A FACE!”

Soothe, moisturize and de-puff with the original Ice Water EYES. Puffy red eyes have met there match and in just one 15-20 minute treatment your eyes will be refreshed and hydrated!  And as always.. No Parabens, No Dyes. 


We added Coconut Extract and Allantoin for an SUPER DUPER moisturizing experience and with the gentle aroma of Coconut you will be transported on your very own Tropical Staycation!  And as always.. No Parabens, No Dyes.


Super Anti-oxidant Green Tea contains a potent batch of antioxidants (catechins)  to combat dark circles and add an extra brightening supercharge! It’s been called a “Tingly Delight” and the scent will calm and soothe the crankiest of moods! And as always… No Parabens, No Dyes.

Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins A & C, are the foundation ingredients of all our formulas and they work synergistically to moisturize, plump and add nutrients to the delicate under eye zone, creating a more relaxed and refreshed appearance. Each silky application is infused with a combination of natural high-density marine collagen, enzymes, amino acids, natural marine minerals, trace elements, proteins and vitamins. With just one 20 minute application, you will see improved elasticity, texture and overall appearance of the skin below the eye.

Activated by the body’s temperature, the nutrients stored in each flexible EYES by ToGoSpa® gel pads work together to aide stressed, tired and aging eyes and skin

  • Relaxes, calms, and pumps up hydration levels to new heights.
  • De-puffs and reduces the appearance of dark circles.
  • Reduces irritation and redness.
  • Minimizes pores with clarifying, cleansing oils.
  • Hydrates crepe-like skin and fine lines.


  1. Apply pads below eyes
  2. Leave 15 – 20 minutes
  3. Remove & discard.
  4. Feel great. Look great.


  • For an especially refreshing sensation, chill EYES in the refrigerator before applying. Effective in combating puffy eyes, dark circles, bags, and general fatigue.
  • Use EYES as a pre-photo perk for the perfect picture.
  • Use EYES as the perfect “Morning After Mask” to diminish dark circles and puffiness and restore a vibrant look after a night on the town.
  • Use EYES while traveling. Use them in-flight to help relax during the trip, or as a refresher before landing.
  • EYES are best enjoyed when applied for 15 – 20 minutes in a quiet serene environment. However, EYES can be equally effective on the go.
  • For best results, take them out of the package and put them on your face!

Additional Information

Weight 3 oz

Ice Water, Coconut, Green Tea


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What People Are Saying

Jenny McCarthy   @jennymccarthy

I’m addicted to EYES by ToGoSpa*. I’m not being paid to say it. They rock for under eye bags and wrinkes.

Mrs. Georgia US 2013   @TheMrsGeorgiaUS

EYES by ToGoSpa*… Because if you want to look well rested, even when you’re not, you NEED these.

Cheryl Burke   @CherylBurke

Hey everyone start following EYES by ToGoSpa*! Swear by them!!

* EYES by to go spa was formerly known as Eyedews and @eyedews.
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